Garage Labs culture

Our faithful guide are our values and we would like you to know them

Values at Garage Labs

At Garage Labs, we firmly believe that high performance cannot exist in stressful environments, so we care about maintaining a pleasant work environment, both internally and with our customers, that enhances the digital products we develop in a flow of continuous improvement. To this end, we place great emphasis on the importance of good communication based on honesty and empathy, in order to generate an environment of collaboration and horizontality that brings out the best in each person. We maintain a team spirit at all times to achieve high-impact objectives in short periods of time following a philosophy Work Hard — Play Hard, in spaces of freedom and collective responsibility that serve as support to achieve the goal in the best possible way.
One of the fundamental pillars (after the people who are part of the company) is our organizational culture. We like to always have “who we are” and where we are pointing visible. Day after day, we strive and work hard to fulfill our basic promise... which is to contribute to the business ecosystem and make our customers fall in love with technology.

We believe that technology exists to improve and make life easier, and we rely on our values to achieve this.

Team spirit
Continuous improvement
Freedom and Collective Responsibility
Work Hard — Play Hard

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