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We develop customized software and arm your IT teams so that you can scale without limits.
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From large Multinationals to Startups, we work side by side with our clients, understanding their businesses and needs to help them solve their problems in each context.
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Technology has no boundaries

Driving the future in Latin America

6 years ago we began our race to improve and make life easier for our customers in Chile. Today we work with companies in more than 5 Latin American countries, with a portfolio of more than 50 projects and we are going for more.
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We develop your projects and assemble the team you need.

At Garage Labs, we understand that each context requires people or equipment in different volumes, configurations and capacities. We deliver them to you through these main types of service.

Software Factory

Our experience is based on the development of software projects for various industries and needs. From here, we leverage the technique, methodology, process, training and validation of the best professionals, which allow us to complement the company's other services.

Talent as a Service

We have the best digital talent in every country in the region, hired directly by us for your business. We take care of legal aspects, payroll, taxes and training. We also support the internalization of our Garagelabers.

Digital Recruitment

We have a team specialized in the search for strategic talent for our clients. We thoroughly investigate the labor market through our digital profiles, presenting people who are suitable for your needs. We use a variety of technology platforms to find and recruit your perfect team.


High-value services for industry leaders

More than 50 projects developed in different industries and countries demonstrate our ability to adapt to different contexts to solve the needs of our customers. Each one builds on our experience to address the following challenges.

We have experience working with eCommerce, mobile and web applications, digital transformation consulting, UX/UI design, integrations, among many others. We invite you to meet them here.

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Job opportunities

In our Employment Opportunities section, we offer you the key to opening the doors of your professional future in the world of technology. Discover exciting challenges, unlimited growth and an innovative work environment.